Chateau Chantilly

Photo of Chateau Chantilly, France

Visit the Chateau Chantilly in Oise, Picardy

The castle at Chantilly is just 40 kilometres north of Paris, and a popular day trip from the capital. It has two main parts - the 16th century Small Castle and the 19th century Large Castle, which is a substantial rebuild of an earlier chateau that stood here before the Revolution.

Don't let that 'newness' deter you however, because the castle is a very impressive site, especially when seen reflected in the substantial moat that surrounds it. The richly decorated and furnished interior of the castle is much as you might expect - grand salons and chambers, ornate carvings and great chandeliers.

history of chateau chantilly, paris

Other reasons that visitors are attracted here include:

- the stable block at the chateau, all 180 metres of it, is another impressive sight and contains an extensive museum dedicated to horse racing in France

- the gardens that surround Chantilly Castle are extensive, meticulously maintained and recognised to be an important French style garden, and are a lovely place to explore and enjoy. They make great use of water to enhance the atmosphere, above all with the canal, fountains and waterfalls (and the moat itself of course), and ponds in the 'English garden' section.

- the art gallery at the chateau (Musée Condé) contains an extraordinarily wide selection of important historic paintings

More recently, Chateau Chantilly featured in the James Bond film 'A View to a Kill'

Map showing location of Chateau Chantilly


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