Chateau de Josselin

The castle is in the centre of the town of Josselin, in the Morbihan department of Brittany about 70km west of Rennes. where it overlooks the Oust River.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the chateau is that the Rohan family have owned the chateau for more than 500 years, including twice being ordered to demolish large parts of the castle, and having persistently rebuilt the chateau after each major event.

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Chateau de Pontivy

The castle in Pontivy is a highlight of a visit to the town's medieval centre.

Although an earlier castle stood in the same location, that had been destroyed in 1342 - the current castle dates from 1485, when it was built by the powerful Rohan family. Hence it is also known as the Chateau des Rohan.

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