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Chateau de Losse date of construction: 11th century

The Chateau de Losse is one of the prettiest chateaux in the Dordogne. Not only does it have a beautiful Renaissance residence it is also surrounded by very pretty gardens.

The castle began life as a fortress in the 11th century when the Losse family came from Flanders and installed themselves on the edge of the Vezere river.

In the 16th century Jean II de Losse was an influential figure in the Royal court and when eventually he returned to his ancestral home he brought with him the influence of the Renaissance style of architecture he had seen in Paris and elsewhere.

He built a Renaissance residence within the fortress walls of the Chateau de Losse.

The interior of the chateaux is decorated in 16th century style - much as it would have been in the days of Jean II de Losse. There are some particularly fine pieces of furniture decorated with marquetry and sculpted mantelpieces, polished wooden floors and fine tapestries are all on show.

In the vaulted basement there is a collection of arms and a huge metal trunk with a remarkable German locking system. The vaulted ceiling is not only a decorative feature it is there to support the heavy floors of the first floor which are made up of attractive patterns of small cobblestones.

A large terrace offers views over the Vezere river below where you can often see canoes gliding by.

Visits to the inside of the castle are guided. Outside you are free to roam the grounds and admire the fortified walls, the huge fortified gatehouse, which is the biggest in France, the defensive towers and even walk through the moat - now dry!

One of the towers contains a couple of rooms that have also been decorated in 16th century style. One room is a bedroom decorated in a very simple style in contrast to the more luxurious style of the chateaux and one is a bathroom with a bathtub in the middle.

Surrounding the chateaux are some charming gardens which have received ‘Jardin Remarquable’ status. Planted in the formal french style the gardens have lots of clipped box hedges in formal patterns and filled with clipped balls of lavender or santoline or abundant clumps of catmint.

There is a small bamboo maize and the park extends along the edge of the river giving some lovely views along the riverside with the castle on its edge.

Location of Losse Castle

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