Chateau de Pontivy

Photo of Pontivy Castle, France

Visit Pontivy Castle in Brittany

Chateau de Pontivy date of construction: 15th-16th centuries

The castle in Pontivy is a highlight of a visit to the town's medieval centre.

Although an earlier castle stood in the same location, that had been destroyed in 1342 - the current castle dates from 1485, when it was built by the powerful Rohan family. Hence it is also known as the Chateau des Rohan.

The accommodation in the castle underwent a substantial transformation in the 18th century to become more comfortable - note especially the impressive decorated fireplaces and the imposing staircase.

There is thus a significant difference in styles between the two parts - the one being 'medieval fortress' with heavily defended walls once surrounded by moats; and the other the more decorative later developments.

Location of Pontivy Castle

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Pontivy is particularly interesting because it has a medieval old town and also a region added in the Napoleonic era to explore

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