Chateau de Losse

The Chateau de Losse is one of the prettiest chateaux in the Dordogne. Not only does it have a beautiful Renaissance residence it is also surrounded by very pretty gardens.

The castle began life as a fortress in the 11th century when the Losse family came from Flanders and installed themselves on the edge of the Vezere river.

In the 16th century Jean II de Losse was an influential figure in the Royal court and when eventually he returned to his ancestral home he brought with him the influence of the Renaissance style of architecture he had seen in Paris and elsewhere.

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Chateau des Milandes

Chateau Milandes was originally constructed in 1489 by the Lord of Castelnaud to provide Lady Castelnaud with more homely surroundings than the castle at Castelnaud where they then lived. They lived at the castle until 1535, and after that continued to visit often.

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