Chateau de Plessis-Bourré

In a romantic setting north of Angers, the castle at Plessis-Bourre is one of the most impressive in the Loire Valley

It was built during the period 1468-1473 by Jean Bourré, confident and financial advisor to King Louis XI, on the site of an earlier castle, and retains much of the original character.

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Chateau de Saumur

The castle we now see in Saumur was constructed by Henry II, King of England, towards the end of the 12th century. It stands in the same location as a chateau constructed in the 10th century (and destroyed in battle in the 13th) - an enviable raised position above the confluence of the River Loire and River Thouet.

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Chateau de Tiffauges

The castle at Tiffauges is best known for Gille de Rais, the lord of the castle during the middle of the 15th century who later became known as Bluebeard - hence Bluebeard's Castle.

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Chateau de Villandry

It was at this location that Richard the Lionheart met with Philip II of France for a 'peace summit'. The 12th century castle where the meeting took place is however almost completely submerged within the later castle, built for Jean le Breton in the early 16th century. The tower is the only remnant of the original building.

The castle as we now see it was not built for defensive purposes but for style and as a luxury residence.

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